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The WSJ once more puts its’ finger on the wrong pulse

You’ve gotta love the first paragraph in this article by a Mr. James Freeman at the Wall Street Journal:

The Beltway wisdom is that moderate Mitt Romney is the most marketable candidate to non-Republicans and therefore the most electable candidate in the GOP field. Rick Santorum, on the other hand, is widely viewed as too conservative on social issues to appeal broadly to American voters. Even though Mr. Santorum has won more states than anyone in the Republican primary and caucus process, his wins have been written off as special situations where evangelical Christians enjoy outsized influence.

Let me see if I can translate into “flyover” country language;  “The Beltway wisdom” = people who live and work for the government in Washington DC who also live inside a bubble that bears little resemblance to actual life in America. “the most marketable candidate to non-Republicans” means “the person the sane voters can accept without throwing up. And “too conservative on social issues to appeal broadly to American voters” comes over as “the views some people who actually read the Constitution and know exactly what principles the country was founded on – those OTHER voters (and WHY do we even bother LETTING those yahoos have a vote in the first place??) that no one likes to pay attention to.

You’re welcome.


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I prefer my own Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, if you don’t mind, Mr. President

Mark Steyn, on the National Review site, lays out a historical reflection on the President’s overweening and unconstitutional foray into the leadership and direction of the church in America. It’s well worth reading for all citizens, but all people of faith in particular.

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The US Conference of Catholic Bishops puts the smackdown on Obama’s contraceptive mandate “accommodation.”

The Bishops say ‘Nay!”  After studying Obama’s so-called “accommodation” of his administration’s contraceptive mandate for people and organizations on conscience and moral grounds, the USCCB smacks it down like an Broughh kick from Sheamus. As an evangelical Christian, I fully support their position and the wording of their response. Read the whole thing from the HotAir site here.

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All you need to know about the war between the Obama administration and the church …

from Elizabeth Scalia, the Anchoress herself. And, for the record – I agree with her. Obama and his minions have decided to go to war against religion and the church in America. There’s no other description for what’s happening.

And from the Daily Caller comes this about the effect this mandate to dictate to churches what their consciences should do on the Hispanic community – strangely enough, voters who Obama is courting again this year in support for his re-election.

It’s almost as if Obama’s caught between two camps; one that’s whispering in his ear, “This is your chance to stick it to the church and those religious freaks!”, and in the other ear, “Are you nuts? We’re trying to get these people’s VOTES!

I pray every day that the madness called the Obama Presidency ends this year ….