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Giving journalists who judge what they dish out

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From the Daily Caller: Rush Limbaugh on yesterday’s show asked a very insightful and, I think, important question: if journalists in today’s media are going to judge what they report on, shouldn’t they be examined in the same way? Why not ask questions of marital status, history, and fidelity of those who ask those same questions in public? It sounds eminently logical to me. If you’re a journalist, and you willingly inject your own judgment and biases in the way you report on public figures, then you should be held up to the same microscope. Why shouldn’t a newsroom editor assign a story on a candidates’ marital background such as Newt Gingrich’s to someone in the newsroom who has no – or, the least – bias, and who also doesn’t have any similar skeletons in his or her closet?

This is what it’s come to, folks … we have to think this way because of the state of the mainstream media in this country. They lost almost all of their credibility – and continue to do so on an almost daily basis – because they deliberately injected themselves into the 2008 Presidential election … taking an active, obviously biased stand on behalf of Barack Obama.

I would love to see their responses to this type of strategy; if you want to ask certain questions, you’d better be ready for the flashlights pointed in your own closets.


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