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Watch out for the quiet ones

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I don’t know who I’d vote for in the 2012 presidential elections. I’m more certain about who I WON’T be voting for (any Democrat, especially “The One”), Mitt Romney, Donald Trump (if he indeed runs), Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty, or Ron Paul. My objections to each one of these Republican I’ll cover in future posts … along with who I’d LIKE to see run (and how I’d like to see their Cabinets develop).

In fact, since this weekend has the NFL Draft, I think it would be a great idea to hold a 2012 USA Presidential Draft – with your humble host as head scout, pontificator, opinionator, and all-round “Jaws” Jaworski type. I’ll have to think on that some more.

There’s one guy, though, that’ s intrigued and impressed me the more I study him: Mitch Daniels. The guy reminds me of Val Kilmer’s Doc Holiday in the great Western movie “Tombstone” – a little offbeat, thoughtful, a constant teaser, features major skills across a wide range of talents (who WOULDN’T want a Harley-riding President!?!) … and as loyal to what he believes as a best friend.

He’s a little of a contradicting figure; a policy wonk who isn’t Ivy-League-ish, a reserved, no-nonsense guy with a sly, understated sense of humor, and someone who doesn’t let you know right away just how awfully smart he is. And now, what does the guy do for the people of Indiana in his latest drive to restore the state to health and prosperity?

Only come up with the most sweeping voucher program in this nation’s history, is all.

From Reihan Salam at The Daily:

This week, Indiana’s General Assembly passed a K-12 education reform bill that would grant vouchers to families with incomes up to $60,000 for a family of four. To date, the small handful of voucher programs in the U.S. have only been open to poor families, so this is nothing short of a breakthrough.

Indiana’s legislation offers poor families a voucher that amounts to 90 percent of what would be spent on those students if they attended a public school. Middle-class families would receive a voucher that amounts to 50 percent, with the understanding that they’d be in a better position to make up the difference. Altogether, 600,000 of Indiana’s 1 million students will be eligible for a voucher. Unfortunately, only a few thousand of them will be allowed to participate in the first two years. That cap will be lifted the third year, and then the flood of students into alternative schools will begin.

A voucher program NOT just for low-income families … but for ALL kids in K-12. And not just full-blown vouchers for the libs to swat away with cries of “it’ll cost too much!” – a sliding cost system tied to a family’s economic status. Your family makes less? You get a bigger voucher. You make more? You get less. As they used to say in the comics, “Genius … sheer genius!” If my family had had this kind of a program available in Buffalo, NY growing up, yours truly would have had quite a different K-12 experience, let me tell you!

It’s been shown over and over again that kids who are sent to non-traditional schools (Catholic, charter, etc.) have a demonstrably better opportunity for top-flight learning and more chances to learn in positive environments … which gives us, all of us, better citizens at the end of the day.

Keep an eye on Mitch Daniels … maybe Doc Holiday on a Harley is what we need.


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