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Winning in 2012

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… means convincing two men who have publicly shied away from their views on running for President, that for the good of the country they SHOULD be the ones to run in 2012; New Jersey’s Chris Christie and Florida’s Marco Rubio. The plusses? Christie is what America needs right now: in-your-face pragmatic conservative LEADERship. Marco Rubio? Just the embodiment of the American Dream, that’s all. Two men with leadership qualities, ideas, the ability to process information and USE it, and the centrality of understanding that America IS exceptional, and these times require exceptional people.

With these men, you won’t have to worry if they’ll change their spots once they get in. No concerns about the stances they’ll take in foreign policy, or domestic energy, or the economy. No golf courses in the middle of opportunities to lead. No silences when voices are needed, and no noise when it’s time to listen and reflect.

The American people will KNOW about them, have a true sense of what they’re all about, and know that they mean what they say.

Isn’t that what we need right now? Men who aren’t owned by a party, or a union, or a special interest, or anything/anyone except their own convictions, and sense of what’s right for America?


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